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My Eccentric Son

My youngest son is adorable, irascible, playful, dramatic, and all around what many would call a “handful’. LOL. He is my little angel and there are many things that I could say about him. I am so proud to be his momma at the same time that I sometimes find myself wanting to pull my hair at over his antics. I swear if 2 years old was old enough to take him to shrink I think they would diagnose him as being bipolar with the way his mood swings. (Course his momma and his daddy are not quite right either so he comes by it honest at least!)

But I am getting off topic here. What I wanted to talk about in this instance was my son’s uncanny ability to quite literally drop anywhere he may be, standing, sitting, laying down, it doesn’t really matter. Just today I caught him in this pose:


That is my brand new used recliner there that he fell asleep in. And yes, he is on his knees… sleeping! LOL

And there are many more interesting sleeping positions in his past as well…


That would be the couch there he passed out on… And the elbow in the right hand corner is Grandpa’s!


At least he is in his bed this time!

And that is my bed… Go figure!


My bedroom floor this time… Like father like soon! (Please ignore the dirty clothes behind him… LOL)


Even in his own bed he gets himself in some weird positions.Photo2491Photo2492

Of course he had to try out Grandpa’s recliner as well!


Closeups of his adorable sleeping face will always be my favorites though.

He just couldn’t get comfortable here! LOL I just had to snap a shot of each new position he rolled into though. This was right before waking up from an hour long nap on the floor though. LOL

Sleeping in sister’s bed… Photo0938

Sleeping under his crib… This was before he got the big boy bed. I think he was trying to tell us something?Photo1207

I think every child has fallen asleep in their car seat at least once… But perhaps not with Logan’s sense of style!

And the grand finale of my son’s eccentric sleeping habits…Photo0618

Yes… I know… That is my adorable little boy, curled up behind his grandfather’s recliner, sleeping on his snuggie…

Thank you for bearing with me through this long photo op. I truly do have adorable children (I promise I will blog about my other two children at some point) but I have to admit that they are certainly strange.

BTW, I know I promised a blog on Halloween, about Halloween, but things were so crazy around here that I never got a chance. I will try to compose myself enough to write a blog later about Halloween but for now I just had to write this blog after today’s adorable display. I hope you have enjoyed my little man’s antics. For now I am going to say, “Good Night!”


A Step Forward

I meant to write this blog on Wednesday but life kept getting in the way and like normal I procrastinated and put it off till today. Perhaps someday I will learn to do things when I am thinking about them rather than putting them off till later and sometimes never getting them done. Wednesday was my normal weigh-in day (due to the BLC Challenge that I am doing on www.SparkPeople.com) so when I woke up I weighed myself! I was very happy to find that the scale reported a 2.9lb loss since last week. This now puts me at 202.4! I have not weighed this little for over 5 years!

Of course this makes me very happy. I know that it is still going to take time to get to my final goal (and that my goal may change along the way) but just knowing that I am starting to move in the right direction more consistently makes me very happy. On the other hand I am not going to let the number on the scale rule me like I used to. As long as my weight continues to go down over time I know that there will be daily. weekly and even monthly fluctuations. Looking back over the 6 weeks though since I started this current BLC challenge I am glad to realize that I have lost a total of 5 pounds in 6 weeks! That is just under a pound a week which is right around what I was hoping to lose! If I keep up at this pace I will be several pounds under 200 by the end of the challenge in December.

In other news…..

I recently decided to dye my hair. Now this is nothing unusual except that since I started dying my hair when I was 16 years old I have either gone for some shade of red (or burgundy) or in recent years I was a blond for quite a while. This time I decided to return to my roots (literally) and dye my hair mahogany!


So what do you think? It isn’t the best picture, granted but I think I like how it turned out.

I will try to write about Halloween tomorrow… You know, when it is ACTUALLY HALLOWEEN!!!! It really amazes me how the governments (city, state, federal) all over our wonderful nation seem to think that it is ok to change the date that we celebrate Halloween but they would never even dream of doing the same thing to Christmas. Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that people are being ‘encouraged’ to do their trick-or-treating today rather than tomorrow? I know I do!


For now I will end this entry but I will do my best to try and write more regularly in the future. I am sure as I get more practice with blogging that I will also get much more interesting as well! LOL

A new insight…

I have been thinking a lot lately about healthy living, or a healthy lifestyle, and what that entails. I honestly thought that I had it all figured out. I mean to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in right? Then when you get to your goal weight this way you just make sure you take in the same number of calories that you burn in order to maintain your weight. It all seems so simple. The problem is that there is WAY MORE to the equation than that.

I have been stuck somewhere around the 205 range (give or take a few pounds) for over a year now. For the life of me I have been wondering why that is… Now that I have really started looking into the whole healthy blogging community and all the wonderful blogs that are already out there being written by wonderful people who have already found their balance I realize what I have been doing wrong all this time.

My problem is simple….

I thought I was living a Healthy Lifestyle…

But what I have actually been doing is…


Yes that dreaded word. I made this realization when I started thinking back on all the things I have been doing.

  1. I have been restricting foods. Telling myself that I shouldn’t be eating this that or the other cause it is “bad for me”. BIG NO-NO!
  2. I have been exercising. I know this doesn’t sound bad but let me explain why it is. I have been exercising, not for the sheer joy of moving my body and building my strength but because I “have to” if I want to burn calories and lose weight. Totally wrong reason to work out!
  3. I have been living (and dying) based on the number on the scale. I feel disappointed when it is up and giddy with happiness when it is down. Do I want to live like that the rest of my life?
  4. I just have not been enjoying the process… How am I supposed to live a “healthy lifestyle” if the way I am living it makes me miserable?

So… In conclusion, I now know that I have to find a way to live a healthy lifestyle in such a way that I can be happy for the rest of my life living that way and still be able to lose the weight I need to lose to get “healthy” in the first place! In other words, I have to find my “balance” like so many of the wonderful women whose blogs I have been devouring online recently.

Any suggestions???

I’m a Flybaby!

So I have been “FLY-ing” for a little while now. For those of you that don’t know what that is I suggest you check out www.Flylady.net.  Marla Cilley (AKA The Flylady) is the originator of this site and her mission is to get you organized and in charge of your house and your life! She is awesome and I just love her! I am still in the beginning ‘baby steps’ of her system but I have to admit that never has my house looked better or my life been more peaceful.

Flylady’s tips, tricks and routines are exactly why I decided to title this blog ‘Reflections of a Reformed Housewife’ as this is what I consider myself to be now. Actually ‘reforming’ may be more appropriate. It is most certainly not an overnight process but I can say it is one of the few times that I have truly enjoyed keeping house.

My fiancé of course is ecstatic. He is not used to a woman that actually keeps the house neat without a lot of yelling and complaining. Our relationship has gotten a lot stronger and less stressful now because of the good habits that I am developing with Flylady’s help. All I can say is if you are like me and you are not a born housekeeper then www.Flylady.net is the site for you!

If there is one thing in my life which has always been a battle for me it would have to be living a healthy lifestyle. Since I was in third grade and started gaining weight, going from a skinny little girl to a size 16 by the time I got to high school, it has been a struggle to get my weight, and my life, under control. I have lost and gained more pounds than I can imagine over the years and now, at 30 years old, I am still about seventy-five pounds overweight. I tell you this little bit of background so that I can tell you about the traitorous thing the scale did to me this morning.

Every Wednesday I have a weigh-in scheduled for the BLC (Biggest Loser Challenge) that I am signed up for on www.SparkPeople.com . Now this past week I had honestly fooled myself into believing that today I would have a great weight loss on the scale today (totally forgetting about all the sweets that my alter-ego has been sneaking of course) so when I stepped on my balance board this morning and heard the scale on my Wii Fit Plus game tell me that I had gained 0.9lbs I was furious!!! After all I put in over 300 fitness minutes this past week and I was eating so good!!

Of course I know logically that my journey is bound to have it’s ups and downs. After all I did lose weight the past two weigh-ins in a row before this. Plus my gain was not even quite a whole pound and I know that it could have been so much worse than that. But of course when I saw that number all I could think about at the time was, “What is the point? I try and I try and I just can’t seem to get and stay below the 205 mark!” It didn’t take me long though before I realized that I had done this to myself. Over the course of the last week I allowed my alter-ego to indulge in about half of a turtle pie that my fiancé so sweetly picked up for us at the store on top of I don’t even know how many mini chocolate bars, etc. My “good eating” week really wasn’t as good as I led myself to believe and I know it. I am actually lucky that the damage wasn’t worse than it was.

So I decided to blog about it in the hopes that admitting my shortcomings here in public for all the world to see would help me to learn to be more accountable. I have come up with a plan for the next week to do my best to stay on track. There are four things I intend to do and I will list them here. Please feel free to check in on me to make sure I am holding to it!

1. I will not allow myself more than two sweet treats between now and my next weigh-in.

2. I will continue to drink a minimum of 8- 8 oz glasses of water each day.

3. I will exercise for at least 30 minutes 5 out of 7 days this week. (or more if I feel up to it)

4. I will make sure that I eat healthy portion sizes of ‘good-for-me’ foods and try to consume no more than 1600 calories a day.

Hopefully this simple list of things will help me to take off the weight that I gained this week (and hopefully even more) and get me back on track to becoming a leaner, fitter me! I know that I will stumble… but as long as I pick myself up and continue to move forward I know everything will be ok.

Hello world!

After reading through so many wonderful blogs by normal every day women just like me I decided that I really wanted to start writing my own. I will not claim to be an inspirational writer like one of my good friends from high school, nor will I claim to be the most interesting person in the world. Honestly it may be that the only people who ever really read this blog are me and maybe my close friends. But the truth is that none of that is the point. I want to write this blog for ME, not anyone else, so what does it matter if anyone ever reads it or not?

I am not sure yet exactly what I will be writing in this blog. Honestly right now there is a good chance that I will just write whatever strikes my fancy on any given day. It may be a funny story about my wonderful children, or a great new recipe that I tried, or maybe even the killer workout I did that day… I may even decide to write a review once in a while on some book I read, or a movie I saw, or a product I tried. So if any of this sounds interesting to you I hope that you will continue to check back in once in a while. For now however the night is growing late and it is time to begin my evening routine so that I can go to bed and sleep the sleep of the righteous. Good evening to you all and I will see you again soon!

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