A look at my journey through life, health and fitness

I’m a Flybaby!

So I have been “FLY-ing” for a little while now. For those of you that don’t know what that is I suggest you check out www.Flylady.net.  Marla Cilley (AKA The Flylady) is the originator of this site and her mission is to get you organized and in charge of your house and your life! She is awesome and I just love her! I am still in the beginning ‘baby steps’ of her system but I have to admit that never has my house looked better or my life been more peaceful.

Flylady’s tips, tricks and routines are exactly why I decided to title this blog ‘Reflections of a Reformed Housewife’ as this is what I consider myself to be now. Actually ‘reforming’ may be more appropriate. It is most certainly not an overnight process but I can say it is one of the few times that I have truly enjoyed keeping house.

My fiancé of course is ecstatic. He is not used to a woman that actually keeps the house neat without a lot of yelling and complaining. Our relationship has gotten a lot stronger and less stressful now because of the good habits that I am developing with Flylady’s help. All I can say is if you are like me and you are not a born housekeeper then www.Flylady.net is the site for you!


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