A look at my journey through life, health and fitness

About the Author

My name is Tiffany and currently I am a SAHM to three wonderful children. My oldest son does not currently live with me and my fiancé (long story which I may blog about at some time) but I love him equally regardless of whether he is with me or not. His name is Keegan and he is 9 years old. I also have a wonderful step-daughter named Zoé who is 3 years old and full of sugar and spice. My youngest son is named Logan and he is just 2 years old and thinks that he rules the world!

My amazing fiancé is formerly of the 82nd Airborne and currently studying to be an EMT in order to provide us with a better future. He is a hard worker and I love him with all my heart. Of course like any man he can be very frustrating at times so each day is a new adventure with him… LOL He was born and raised in Pennsylvania and was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC for most of his time in the Army. This is where I met him.

I, myself, was born and raised in North Carolina. My life started in Jacksonville, NC (Camp LeJeune to be exact) where my parents where stationed as young Marines. My mother got out on medical discharge when she discovered she was pregnant with me and my father got out not long after my brother was born. By the time I was 5 we had moved to a small town called Buis Creek where I attended kindergarten. We moved around quite a bit when I was a kid but most of my young life was spent in and around the small town of Erwin. After I left my parents house just before I turned 19 I also moved around a bit but by the time I was 27 I had met my fiancé and we were living in Spring Lake while he was still in the Army. We have now moved to Leesburg, FL (where my fiancé’s father lives) and intend to make our home in or around this area.

I decided to start this blog partially because I love to write and sometimes get tired of writing in my personal journal and knowing no one will ever see it. I am hoping to share my interests with the world in general and perhaps to make a few friends along the way. If I can help someone out when they are having a not so great day then all the better. If you want to know anything else about me than you will just have to read my blogs!


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