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My Eccentric Son

My youngest son is adorable, irascible, playful, dramatic, and all around what many would call a “handful’. LOL. He is my little angel and there are many things that I could say about him. I am so proud to be his momma at the same time that I sometimes find myself wanting to pull my hair at over his antics. I swear if 2 years old was old enough to take him to shrink I think they would diagnose him as being bipolar with the way his mood swings. (Course his momma and his daddy are not quite right either so he comes by it honest at least!)

But I am getting off topic here. What I wanted to talk about in this instance was my son’s uncanny ability to quite literally drop anywhere he may be, standing, sitting, laying down, it doesn’t really matter. Just today I caught him in this pose:


That is my brand new used recliner there that he fell asleep in. And yes, he is on his knees… sleeping! LOL

And there are many more interesting sleeping positions in his past as well…


That would be the couch there he passed out on… And the elbow in the right hand corner is Grandpa’s!


At least he is in his bed this time!

And that is my bed… Go figure!


My bedroom floor this time… Like father like soon! (Please ignore the dirty clothes behind him… LOL)


Even in his own bed he gets himself in some weird positions.Photo2491Photo2492

Of course he had to try out Grandpa’s recliner as well!


Closeups of his adorable sleeping face will always be my favorites though.

He just couldn’t get comfortable here! LOL I just had to snap a shot of each new position he rolled into though. This was right before waking up from an hour long nap on the floor though. LOL

Sleeping in sister’s bed… Photo0938

Sleeping under his crib… This was before he got the big boy bed. I think he was trying to tell us something?Photo1207

I think every child has fallen asleep in their car seat at least once… But perhaps not with Logan’s sense of style!

And the grand finale of my son’s eccentric sleeping habits…Photo0618

Yes… I know… That is my adorable little boy, curled up behind his grandfather’s recliner, sleeping on his snuggie…

Thank you for bearing with me through this long photo op. I truly do have adorable children (I promise I will blog about my other two children at some point) but I have to admit that they are certainly strange.

BTW, I know I promised a blog on Halloween, about Halloween, but things were so crazy around here that I never got a chance. I will try to compose myself enough to write a blog later about Halloween but for now I just had to write this blog after today’s adorable display. I hope you have enjoyed my little man’s antics. For now I am going to say, “Good Night!”


A Step Forward

I meant to write this blog on Wednesday but life kept getting in the way and like normal I procrastinated and put it off till today. Perhaps someday I will learn to do things when I am thinking about them rather than putting them off till later and sometimes never getting them done. Wednesday was my normal weigh-in day (due to the BLC Challenge that I am doing on www.SparkPeople.com) so when I woke up I weighed myself! I was very happy to find that the scale reported a 2.9lb loss since last week. This now puts me at 202.4! I have not weighed this little for over 5 years!

Of course this makes me very happy. I know that it is still going to take time to get to my final goal (and that my goal may change along the way) but just knowing that I am starting to move in the right direction more consistently makes me very happy. On the other hand I am not going to let the number on the scale rule me like I used to. As long as my weight continues to go down over time I know that there will be daily. weekly and even monthly fluctuations. Looking back over the 6 weeks though since I started this current BLC challenge I am glad to realize that I have lost a total of 5 pounds in 6 weeks! That is just under a pound a week which is right around what I was hoping to lose! If I keep up at this pace I will be several pounds under 200 by the end of the challenge in December.

In other news…..

I recently decided to dye my hair. Now this is nothing unusual except that since I started dying my hair when I was 16 years old I have either gone for some shade of red (or burgundy) or in recent years I was a blond for quite a while. This time I decided to return to my roots (literally) and dye my hair mahogany!


So what do you think? It isn’t the best picture, granted but I think I like how it turned out.

I will try to write about Halloween tomorrow… You know, when it is ACTUALLY HALLOWEEN!!!! It really amazes me how the governments (city, state, federal) all over our wonderful nation seem to think that it is ok to change the date that we celebrate Halloween but they would never even dream of doing the same thing to Christmas. Does anyone else have a problem with the fact that people are being ‘encouraged’ to do their trick-or-treating today rather than tomorrow? I know I do!


For now I will end this entry but I will do my best to try and write more regularly in the future. I am sure as I get more practice with blogging that I will also get much more interesting as well! LOL

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