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Hello world!

After reading through so many wonderful blogs by normal every day women just like me I decided that I really wanted to start writing my own. I will not claim to be an inspirational writer like one of my good friends from high school, nor will I claim to be the most interesting person in the world. Honestly it may be that the only people who ever really read this blog are me and maybe my close friends. But the truth is that none of that is the point. I want to write this blog for ME, not anyone else, so what does it matter if anyone ever reads it or not?

I am not sure yet exactly what I will be writing in this blog. Honestly right now there is a good chance that I will just write whatever strikes my fancy on any given day. It may be a funny story about my wonderful children, or a great new recipe that I tried, or maybe even the killer workout I did that day… I may even decide to write a review once in a while on some book I read, or a movie I saw, or a product I tried. So if any of this sounds interesting to you I hope that you will continue to check back in once in a while. For now however the night is growing late and it is time to begin my evening routine so that I can go to bed and sleep the sleep of the righteous. Good evening to you all and I will see you again soon!

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